Knight Fire & Security continues a proud heritage of leadership and responsiveness as we strive to deliver healthcare products and services that improve the quality of patient care. Through close collaboration with our customers, Knight Fire & Security can offer a variety of customized solutions to facilitate your needs and budgetary goals with the flexibility and scalability to grow for tomorrow. Our solutions will contribute to the healthcare’s strategic objectives of revenue growth, market leadership and quality customer service. We have been operating in South Florida for over 60 years and believe relationships and customer service deliver the greatest impact on future opportunities. Knight Fire & Security can offer a wide range of solutions from acute care facilities to skilled nursing and rehab centers, assisted living communities and clinics and surgical centers, Knight Fire & Security is your trusted provider for any environment. We can provide turn-key installations as a low voltage nurse call solutions provider for healthcare projects, all while providing valued engineered ideas with a considerably lower cost to you.

Healthcare Services

Nurse Call Communication Systems

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative Nurse Call Systems.The Jeron line of Pro-Alert™ and Provider® Nurse Call Systems meet the diverse alerting and communication needs of healthcare facilities including acute care hospitals, skilled care/nursing home facilities, assisted living/long-term care facilities, and ambulatory care.

Workflow Solutions

We provide solutions that will make an impact immediately and improve workflow. Automating the clinical environment will help the nurses do their job more efficiently, delivery of healthcare in hospitals is by definition a mobile activity and nurses need a mobile device that works as a partner with the Jeron system to provide better patient care

Patient Centered Care Solutions

Patient-centered care is defined as “care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient’s values guide all clinical decisions.”Principles and practice of patient-centered care has resulted in increasing recognition of, and greater focus on, the engagement of patients, and the value and benefit of patient engagement.Implementing enhanced workflow strategies will build teamwork, save money, improve patient care and ultimately, outcomes.

The Future of Smart Buildings In Healthcare

Discover where loT in healthcare is now, where it's going in the immediate future and in the long-term, and what facilities leaders need to be thinking about.